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With the lowest water storage capacity and irrigated agricultural land in the world, it is little wonder that about half of the African continent faces some degree of water stress or scarcity. Adding to this taxing situation is the fact that Africa’s water requirements are set to increase significantly by 2040, with agricultural irrigation being by far the largest consumer. In some water basins, demand will soon outstrip available resources if no improvements are made.

The vision for the this sector is trans-boundary water infrastructure and strong trans-boundary management frameworks that promote regional integration and ensure water security for socio-economic development of the African continent, while protecting the environment and mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate variability and change.

Through its nine trans-boundary water projects, PIDA aims not only to develop multi-purpose dams, but to build the capacity of the continent’s lake and river basin organisations and to enable water transfers within the region. This will enable these organisations to plan and develop hydro infrastructure in their particular regions.
Through these developments, PIDA will help to address the looming food deficit that is faced by many Africans.