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Economic growth and poverty reduction can only be achieved in Africa if the necessary infrastructure is developed on a regional and continental level. The deficiencies in Africa’s infrastructure have been a continuing concern and have been found to reduce growth by as much as 2% a year.
PIDA’s projects are spread across the four infrastructure sectors – Energy, Transport, Trans-boundary Water and ICT. Through these projects, the programme aims to improve Africa’s global competitiveness, thereby boosting socio-economic growth on the continent.


The vision for the PIDA energy sector is an efficient, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly infrastructure, to promote the physical integration of the continent and enhance access to modern energy services for all Africans.

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The PIDA ICT Programme aims to build a continent with a modern information society and an integrated e-economy in which every government, business and citizen has access to reliable and affordable broadband – an e-Africa.

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The vision for the Transport sector is an integrated African continent where transport infrastructure and services enable the free movement of goods and passengers through the provision of efficient, safe, secure, reliable and seamless transport options at affordable rates to support environmentally and economically sustainable regional development.

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The vision for the this sector is trans-boundary water infrastructure and strong trans-boundary management frameworks that promote regional integration and ensure water security for socio-economic development of the African continent, while protecting the environment and mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate variability and change.

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