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We at the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) were looking for a powerful online platform to assist our efforts in integrating economic activity on the African Continent.

With so many options to choose from, we deferred to the expertise of one of South Africa's leading Website Development Studios, 2Stroke. It quickly became evident that their recommended CMS platform, Drupal, was the one that would take PIDA forward in Africa.

The Drupal platform is highly scalable, meaning that it has the ability to grow and expand rapidly as PIDA covers more ground on the continent. With multilingual support, the CMS also allows us the ability to communicate with a much larger audience, further enhancing our ability to find solutions to economic integration on the continent.

The site's design is clear and concise, with a high level of functionality that allows our visitors to easily navigate the rich source of information that we have supplied.

Besides the technical and design aspects that appealed to our needs, the open source global community of Drupal and how it is supported appealed to our ethos of achieving success through collaboration and cooperation.